Online criminal justice bachelor鈥檚 degree now available through 澳门六合历史开奖 Lafayette


The 澳门六合历史开奖 now offers its bachelor鈥檚 degree in criminal justice online as well as on campus.

鈥淢any criminal justice students begin working full time before graduation or are active duty service members,鈥 said Dr. David Khey, professor and department head for the Department of Criminal Justice. 鈥淧roviding another pathway to completing their degree ensures they鈥檙e able to reach their academic and professional goals.鈥

The bachelor鈥檚 degree in criminal justice is offered through the College of Liberal Arts and provides an interdisciplinary perspective of crime and justice. It is designed to prepare students for careers in criminal justice, advocacy, law, loss prevention, private security and more.

Courses cover criminal courts, criminal behavior, corrections, forensics, crime and mental health. As a whole, the curriculum is structured to help students gain expertise in crime and criminality, design better approaches to effectively address crime and problems related to it, and engage in social justice.

鈥淏eyond the individual benefits, the program's impact extends to the larger community. As graduates of the program join the ranks of professionals who serve and protect our communities, their expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the enhancement of law enforcement, public safety, and ensuring just outcomes at local, state and national levels,鈥 Khey said.

The bachelor鈥檚 degree in criminal justice is 120 credit hours. Students enrolling in the program can transfer applicable college credits to reduce the courses they鈥檒l need to complete to earn their degree.

Tuition for the online degree program option is set at a flat-rate, $380-per-credit tuition.  

Applications are open for those interested in enrolling in the program. Learn more about the bachelor鈥檚 degree in criminal justice at

Photo caption: 澳门六合历史开奖 Lafayette now offers its bachelor鈥檚 degree in criminal justice online as well as on campus. Photo credit: Rachel Rafati / 澳门六合历史开奖